Music Generation −Collaboration between Japan and Ireland through music−

Music Generation − Collaboration between Japan and Ireland through music −

Article by Riko Matsuoka (Harpist & Organizer of the concerts)

I visited Portlaoise in Ireland last September.
Portlaoise is 1 hour southwest of capital city of Dublin by train.

The purpose of this trip was to visit the Ireland’s National Music Education Programme “Music Generation”. Who welcomed me were the harp tutor Siobhan and the eight harp students between the ages of 14 and 18.

Music Generation Laois Harp Ensemble wanted to play Japanese music by Irish harps for the Japan tour 2020, so I taught them Japanese music on the trip.
I was surprised that the students played four Japanese pieces such as “Sakura Sakura(Cherry Blossoms) by ears for one and a half hour.
I gave them Origami from Japan at the end of lesson.
They seemed to look forward to the concerts in Japan more and more through playing Japanese music and culture.

I would like to experience cultural exchange through music with audiences in Japan.


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