Michael Rooney headlined concert for European Volunteering Capital 2017

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Michael Rooney headlined concert for European Volunteering Capital 2017

AWARD winning composer Michael Rooney headlined the ’Spirit of Sligo’ concert for the closing ceremony of European Volunteering Capital 2017. More than 1,100 people attended the concert.

Sligo took over the role of European Volunteer Capital 2017 from the major European cities of Barcelona, Lisbon and London in being chosen to showcase volunteering and the positive impacts that it had on lives across Europe.

Ciara Herity of Sligo Volunteer Center said the ’Spirit of Sligo’ theme for the gala night was a celebration of the many people who every year give to the community through volunteerism. “The gala night is about honoring those people and fostering the strong sense of volunteerism in Sligo. The wonderful music and volunteer stories on the night promise to make ’Spirit of Sligo’ an event to be proud of.”

Speaking about the concert, composer Michael Rooney said he was ‘excited and honored’ to be asked to take part.
He added: “This is a huge honour for me. As a teacher of music and a volunteer myself, I am very proud to be taking part in the ’Spirit of Sligo’.”

The Co. Monaghan native now lives in Sligo where he has become part of the musical and cultural bedrock of the region.

Last week he was named as the 2017 Gradam Ceoil TG4 Composer of the Year, in recognition for this magnificent achievements.
In a citation, the judges said Rooney had created an important body of new music through his work as Director of the National Folk Orchestra of Ireland.
It added: “His deep knowledge of harp culture within the living tradition means that he can draw on the iconic status of the instrument to act as a creative catalyst in his compositions which often involve community musicians alongside established high-profile players.”

The musical performance directed by Michael Rooney for the closing ceremony of European Volunteering Capital 2017 was entitled ‘Sligeach: As Lámha a Chéile’. It consisted of 9 pieces and one of them “As Lámha a Chéile” was composed by Michael Rooney especially for this event in recognition of the designation and those who volunteer in Sligo. As the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’. 


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